The Pinnacle Difference

Since 2007, Pinnacle Biologics has worked tirelessly to provide cancer and rare disease sufferers with hope–hope for a cure and hope for a better future through innovative therapies and transformative medications. We take pride in revitalizing healthcare therapies that other manufacturers are unwilling and unable to sustain because we know that those who stand to suffer the most are the patients whose lives depend on these medications.

We work with some of the brightest minds in the industry so we can identify these critical therapies and use our resources and infrastructure to bring older brands back to the market while introducing newer therapies. By committing to this dual-pronged approach, we ensure that healthcare professionals have everything they need to give patients a fighting chance.

At Pinnacle Biologics, we take pride in offering our clients a global operations platform, complete with marketing support, a leading management team, and a dedicated speciality sales force that ensures our therapies are brought to the market and used to enhance the lives of patients who are fighting for their lives every day.

We are proud of the therapies, like Photofrin®, that continue to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and those suffering from other rare diseases. We strive to identify and target innovative therapies so we can continue to provide healthcare professionals with the therapies they need to give their patients hope for a brighter future. This is why we work so hard to ensure our abilities are competitive and comparable to companies far larger than us.

For those of us at Pinnacle Biologics, we know our responsibility goes beyond medicine; so, we will continue our work to increase awareness and access to transformative therapies in the hopes it continues to make a difference to patients and improve their quality of life.