If you are the manufacturer, designer, or distributor of a consumer product or mechanical device that has been targeted as defective and blamed for an injury or death, you could be facing a lawsuit that could do serious damage to your business.

At Langhenry, Gillen, Lundquist & Johnson, LLC, our skilled attorneys have defended manufacturers, distributors and retailers involved with a variety of allegedly defective products. Most notably, our attorneys have defended actions involving seat-belt failures and automobile rollovers, heavy equipment failures, and alleged defects in fire helmets and medical devices. In addition, our firm has served as trial counsel for a public utility in its natural gas explosion litigation.

A product liability lawsuit is a serious matter that requires the attention of a law firm and an attorney who is skilled in that particular area of the law. Complicated schematics and engineering may be involved, and expert testimony is almost always required. At Langhenry, Gillen, Lundquist & Johnson, LLC, we have the resources and expertise needed to put forth a solid defense aimed at limiting or negating your exposure to liability.

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