Defending Municipal Bodies and Public Officials

These days, being a public official can be a difficult job. Public scrutiny of local government, school boards, city councils and other bodies is more intense than ever. Exposure to lawsuits is a very real danger and must be considered and planned for.

At the law firm of Langhenry, Gillen, Lundquist & Johnson, LLC, we have successfully defended numerous townships, counties, municipalities, school districts, and governmental officials in courts throughout Illinois. Our attorneys have extensive experience in applying the various immunities provided by the Tort Immunity Act and School Code to the facts of any given case.

We have won dismissal and summary judgment of numerous claims as well as successfully tried to verdict catastrophic losses on behalf of our clients. The firm has also prevailed for its clients in the appellate courts, winning numerous appeals including precedent-setting decisions on behalf of governmental entities.

Contact us today if you are a public official or member of a municipal body that requires the advice, counsel, and representation of a skilled attorney.