Free Developmental Consultation

Each child’s development unfolds at a different pace. Some children might walk early; others might talk a bit later when they are more ready. We truly understand that your child’s growth and development are your priorities and that the “wait and see” suggestion you have received from others may not be the best plan you want to follow. Please visit us and talk to our developmental therapist about any topics of your concern or interest every Friday at no charge. At that time, the therapist can administer assessment tools to see what your child is capable of and where their strengths or needs may lie. The therapist will brainstorm with you to find the strategies you can easily try at home to address the issues of the visit and promote your child’s development. The common topics of consultation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Creating an effective sleep routine
  • Promoting feeding at different stages of development
  • Consoling young children who are easily irritated
  • Exploring sensory integration
  • Using evidence-based and emotionally-responsive behavior management strategies
  • Strengthening emotional regulation and mental health
  • Using play and everyday routine to promote growth and development
  • Enhancing development and strengthening relationship through DIR/Floortime
  • Learning about neurobehavioral-informed parenting
  • Reading and responding positively to young children’s behavioral cues, body language, and other communication
  • Enriching nonverbal and verbal communication
  • Promoting safe touch and learning about the benefits of touch and infant massage
  • Using music and movement in everyday routine to foster development
  • Assessing overall fine and gross motor skills and function

Developmental assessments are free and are scheduled every Friday. Please call or email for appointment scheduling at 773-687-9241 or