4 Fun Food Play Ideas

Whether your child struggles with picky eating or not, food play is a great way to create positive experiences with a variety of foods. Food play is important for many reasons:

  • It allows for the child to interact with foods outside of mealtimes
  • It encourages development of fine motor skills
  • Food play helps to support sensory processing
  • Above all, it provides positive experiences with food, without making the child feel pressured to eat it!

Here are 4 fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Spaghetti search: Cook some spaghetti noodles and color it with food coloring. Place the pasta in a big bin. Hide toys inside, and encourage your child to find them under the noodles!
  2. Broccoli painting: Place some paint on a paper plate. Provide some raw broccoli, and show your child how to dip the broccoli tops in paint and stamp on paper to make a beautiful painting.
  3. Food faces: Draw or print an outline of a face on a piece of paper. Laminate or place the paper in a protective sheet. Using a variety of different foods, help your child give the face eyes, a nose, hair, a mouth, etc.
  4. Scientist: Using a couple of different yogurts or smoothies, have your child play scientist by mixing them together in different quantities to see what color comes out!

More Tips & Tricks

If your child does not want to touch the food, provide them with a paintbrush, spoon, tongs, or other utensil. Make sure to avoid forcing your child to interact with foods!

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