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Daman Brody’s approach as a lawyer shines in every imaginable way. If you’re in search of a lawyer with impeccable standards look no further. Brody and his diligent team care about their clients and go the extra mile. Brody has a brilliant grasp of the law and offers you the most professional, ethical and sound legal advice you can find in the United States. A true seeker of justice and client satisfaction – two important attributes that are hard to come by when dealing with law firms today. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend this amazing lawyer and his associates. You will not be disappointed. I recommend choosing this firm over any other because they focus on client satisfaction and results. Ian Halperin No.1 NY Times Bestselling Author/Award Winning Filmmaker

Posted by IAN
May 7, 2022

I Received Royal Legal Representation From Attorney Daman Brody!!

I highly recommend Attorney Daman Brody. Attorney Brody was courteous, professional, aggressive, trustworthy, and extremely skilled. His legal representation was amazing. I am still shocked he answered my calls after hours and on the weekends. Attorney Brody is “Superman” in a suit!!!

Posted by KH
May 4, 2022

Great Lawyer

I never thought I would be in a situation where I would need a lawyer to represent me in court however when I did find myself in that situation and I found Daman’s website I decided to give him a call and see how our first consultation would go and what my options were. He was very thorough and explained everything to me and worked with me every single step of the way. At no point did I ever feel alone, lost or confused. Daman was of great assistance, his services were remarkable. I appreciated his honesty. It was very comforting knowing that I was not getting blindsided at any point. I was always being informed of the outcomes that could come from my situation and was constantly updated with any changes. Until the very last second while we were in court for my final hearing he pushed for the very best outcome for me. I 100% appreciated the amount of effort and how above and beyond he went to make sure that justice was served in my case the best way it could be.

Posted by Lisandro
January 12, 2022

Best Attorney!

Daman Brody was the absolute best attorney I have ever dealt with and I will forever use him in the future! He truly has the best communication skills and is very consistent with updating you with every detail on your case. He stuck by my side and helped me every step of the way until the case was closed. I highly recommend Daman Brody as your attorney!

Posted by Ilene
October 29, 2021


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